SPOTLIGHT: Coach Brian Hooper

Welcome to Goldmine “Spotlight”. We are fortunate to have so many members of our community lend their skills and expertise to our team, together we’re stronger. At Goldmine we are extremely proud of our athletes, our coaches and, our support staff and the work they do to strengthen our community everyday! Our team members are always doing a little more than is required, putting in the extra time and, making the extra effort. Goldmine spotlight allows us the opportunity to share with you the accomplishments and efforts of our athletes, coaches and staff within our community as well as within our team.

At GMWC you won’t often hear someone praising their own virtues. As such, our team considers it a personal responsibility to praise the efforts and accomplishments of all our team members. In doing so, we strengthen our team and, when the team wins, we all win! It is our pleasure to tell you about the people in our lives that make a positive difference.

Goldmine Spotlight:
April 24th, 2017, Coach Brian Hooper

Congratulations Coach Hooper! The Goldmine Wrestling Family wishes to congratulate Coach Brian Hooper on his recent assignment to the Nevada County Strategic Response Unit (SRU) as a detective. Coach Hooper, a 1995 graduate of Nevada Union High School, contributed significantly to the success of the Miner Wrestling program and added to it’s storied history. Now, as a valued member of our GMWC coaching staff Brian merges a tradition of excellence and a strong vision for the future to our program. He dedicates a significant amount of time and energy toward mentoring our student-athletes. He helps each wrestler to be the very best they are capable of becoming.

What is it that Coach Hooper enjoys so much about coaching? According to Coach Hooper, “I enjoy coaching in the sense that you can imprint a positive impression and help create morals, work ethic, positive attitudes and, a team first mentality.” Coach Hooper adds, “Coaching also gives you the opportunity to introduce the basic groundwork, (structure, time management, accountability, etc.), that our athletes can use in all aspects of their lives.”

In addition to helping lead Goldmine wrestlers, Coach Hooper also plays an integral role in coaching the Nevada Union Junior Miners Football Program.  “This year will be my third year coaching with the NUJM Program. I feel that wrestling & football go hand in hand and love the opportunity to coach both”, says Coach Hooper.

Prior to Coach Hoopers assignment to the Strategic Response Unit (SRU) as a detective, Coach Hooper served our country as a United States Marine and then with the Navy Reserve, Coach Hooper has also served our community as a police officer with the Grass Valley Police Dept for 15+ years. In addition, he has been a Patrol Officer, member of S.W.A.T, an Impact Weapons Instructor, DPMU Motorcycle Instructor, Traffic Officer & most recently a Corporal/Field Training Officer. Congratulations Coach “HOOP”, you make our team stronger every day!

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