Attitude for Success`

Attitude for Success

Why are some people optimistic and joyful as they face the challenges of life while many seem to struggle? Happy people have an Attitude for Success regardless of the adversity they face! Here are a few specific things that successful people do:

Set worthy goals: One of the greatest gifts freedom gives is that it allows you to define your own personal definition of success! Choose goals that will, improve your health, inspire others, help your community, motivate you to reach your full potential, and provide for those who depend on you. Choose goals that are hard to achieve, as they are often the most rewarding!

Don’t heed that which you can’t control: It is important to recognize what constraints are within your power to change. A successful person with cancer will bravely strive to find quality-of-life, while the unsuccessful person will wallow in self-pity, lose hope, and often expire before their time is truly up.

Try to do your best with every task: Life is full of small thankless tasks that lead to a foundation of confidence and success. For example, learning to read might seem endless and boring to a child, but the positive impact that literacy can have on a person’s life is astounding! Do your best with every task and successful people will recognize the effort and guide you to new opportunities.

Work, Learn, Focus, and Sacrifice: Hard work, knowledge and determination yield success. If you are lucky enough to find a shortcut, recognize that you have not built a foundation. Luck can yield short-term rewards, however luck does not prepare you for the curveballs that life will throw at you. A successful person will overcome bad luck. Most people despair when their luck changes for the worse.

Don’t succeed at the expense of others: When you look back on your life, make sure you have earned the respect of everyone who knew you. If you cheated or lied to gain favor, if you used drugs or steroids to enhance performance, if you took wealth or information illegally or unethically, if you used people, your achievements will be hollow. You will regret those deeds and it will erode your happiness.

Never be defined by convention or what others think about you: When you live to please others you open yourself up to manipulation. Free thinkers discovered that the earth is round and that we don’t need a king to lead us. Free thinkers discovered mathematics, food, science, computers, modern medicine, and many wonderful things all of us take for granted. True leaders, ponder the facts, do what is right, challenge convention, and seek for answers. People follow a leader because their efforts ring true, not because they hold a position of power.

Successful people lead!