About Goldmine Wrestling Club

    Goldmine Wrestling Club (GMWC) is a private nonprofit wrestling club focused on conditioning, strength, and technique training. Our program is comprehensive and trains in three major styles: Collegiate, Greco-Roman, and Freestyle. Our coach’s focus is on helping athletes reach their maximum potential.

Our Mission

    Family, Service, Community, Teamwork; these are examples of the pillars or strength that support our club. They are also the ideals which we strive to embody in ourselves an in the wrestlers. Goldmine Wrestling Club is a process oriented program. Our mission is to pursue excellence in all endeavors and create an environment which is conducive to the development of strong and focussed student athletes. We believe that leaders create other leaders. We aim to balance enjoyment, positive habits and, teamwork for everyone involved with our team. We do this by practicing practical skills and reinforcing positive habits which develop outstanding leaders within our team as well as our community. Our staff is committed to supporting Goldmine Wrestlers establish, pursue and, achieve their wrestling goals locally, nationally and, globally. Goldmine Coaches recognize the importance of higher education and the value of becoming life-long learners. Our coaching staff has a strong foundation in successful, traditional techniques but is also continually learning new teaching modalities and keeping apprised the most current thinking on the competitive world level. Our training program is progressive and our approach is patient.

Our Team is our strength, Our strength is our Team:

    Although we are a TEAM FIRST program we recognize the individuality of every wrestler and work to promote their strengths and build upon their daily successes. Our team success is not only measured in the number of trophies and medals we earn but, more importantly, through the daily, small improvements that collectively lead toward individual and team success. Our program works to provide our wrestlers with the life skills they will need in order to succeed beyond the mat, and collegiately. We do so by promoting each of our wrestlers within our community and to prospective collegiate programs thereby increasing the opportunities for our wrestlers to excel and pursue lives of purpose. both on and off the mat.

Goldmine Wrestling club trains in the following styles:

  • Folkstyle
  • Freestyle
  • Greco Roman

The Goldmine season is comprised of the following sessions:

  • Spring Sessions-March through May
    Spring sessions are focussed on skill development in collegiate wrestling as well as our two international styles, Freestyle and Greco-Roman, both of which are contested in the World and Olympic levels of wrestling
  • Summer Session-June through August.
    Summer sessions are focussed on preparation for state and national level competitions. This is also the time when we attend TEAM camps.

We are a great fit for you:

  • Goldmine Wrestlers will benefit from experienced, seasoned coaches who have trained, competed, and coached successfully from the grass roots level to the World level. Our experience lends itself to our team success and out team success is the foundation for each wrestlers individual success. When the team wins, we all win!
  • Goldmine Wrestling provides access to competitive workout partners. wrestlers of all skill levels can benefit from our practice sessions. restlers can practice competing at any level.
  • Goldmine wrestlers train in a world class, dedicated wrestling facility specifically for designed for wrestlers.
  • Goldmine Wrestling provides the opportunity for our athletes to train year-round.
  • Goldmine wrestlers benefit from small group instruction and “leaders building leaders” model of instruction
  • Direction is provided for areas that are often overlooked but just as important for athletes to reach their potential. Topics include mental skills training, weight management (diet & nutrition), as well as the GMWC S.A.F.E method: Strength, Agility, Flexibility and, Edurance.
  • Goldmine coaches and wrestlers stay current with the latest trends of training and technique that wrestlers must be familiar with in order to continually strengthen their competitive edge.
  • In addition to employing time-tested teaching modalities Goldmine coaches utilize current technologies such as video analysis to provide our wrestlers with immediate training feedback. Visual feedback and expert analysis helps our wrestlers to make immediate adjustments and continually improve.
  • Goldmine wrestlers benefit from a staff focussed on providing a clear path to higher education.